Finite Element Analysis Assignment, CU, Malaysia Describe how the boundary conditions are applied and how the component is loaded

University Curtin University (CU)
Subject Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis Assignment 2


Describe how the geometry was created. Present the geometry of your part, including dimensions.


Describe how the geometry meshed. You may include figures. The figures should be approximately 8 cm wide. The caption for a figure should be placed below the figure.


Describe how the boundary conditions are applied and how the component is loaded.

In this assignment, you will use Ansys Workbench to model a thin rectangular steel plate with a centre hole. Both tension and bending loading conditions will be modelled, as shown in Figure 1.

The length and width of the plate are l and b, respectively, and the diameter of the hole is d. The area of the rectangular plate with a centre hole is the number formed by the first five digits of your student ID in mm2

. For example, if you student ID is 24317985, the area will be 24317
mm2 . The length, l, should be approximately twice the width, b. In addition, the ratio d/b should be between 0.1 and 0.3. You should create your plate as a 2D surface. Zero marks will be awarded to 3D solid models. You may take a reasonable number for thickness.

In addition, you should apply techniques that you have learned in Practical Considerations to simply your models.

For both tension and bending loadings, select a suitable analysis to obtain the stress distribution, which can be represented by a contour plot. In addition, find the maximum stress and location.

For both loading conditions, you will need to perform a convergence test. Finding the stress concentration factor is optional.

For both tension and bending, add geometric features (e.g., auxiliary holes) to reduce stress concentration. Present a comparison between the improved and original designs.

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