TP063899: Enhancing User-Interactive Learning: A Gamification Approach to Information Discovery and Exploration: Final Year Project Assignment, AUTI, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (AUTI)
Subject TP063899 Final Year Project


In the world of entertainment and digital media, people evolved into using the internet to discover information based on their interests. The truth is the modern generation of people only use a device to explore mostly information digitally anywhere and anytime, instead of buying books or magazines to explore their interested information. For this FYP, the context of regarding information discovery and exploration is Final Fantasy Series within the gamification approach.

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Final Fantasy is one of the most noticeable names in video game history and the largest JRPG series in the world. This iconic video game franchise and intellectual property is developed by Square Enix. The fantastic visuals, miraculous worlds, rich gameplay experience, amazing characters, and incredibly intensive stories all elements combine to develop a game that is always published at great timing, no matter which title it is.

It had a trend to set the time periods somewhere between past and future in each title while still holding each of them connected with the same story concept: a group of young adventurers associating to defeat an enormous evil threatening in their world while developing characters emotions and relationships with crew. This is a widespread theme that people can understand too. It is also one of the oldest game series in the annals of videogames until now within 35 years.

Final Fantasy series had 16 base games which is from FFI to FFXVI (1 – 16) as roman symbol identified.  Each game with its increasing Roman numeral is a standalone game with their own narratives, stories, characters etc. Furthermore, some titles had several prequal, sequels, spinoffs, and other types of Final Fantasy as well.  The most popular example is the Complication of Final Fantasy VII which consists of Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake and more those only just the Final Fantasy VII titles spinoffs. (Braunstein, 2023) (Alexander, 2023)

This Final Year Project titled “Enhancing User-Interactive Learning: A Gamification Approach to Information Discovery and Exploration” which takes a huge effect from the immersive Final Fantasy Series.

In today’s digital world, the methods users acquire and access the information about Final Fantasy Series have gone through an eventful transformation. The traditional methods may not always attract and limit the interest and attention of contemporary learners such as reading related magazines, static websites, and more existing resources. When any interested users want to discover the intricate universes like Final Fantasy series, this problem becomes extremely significant. The Final Fantasy series had features numerous worlds, each with its own history and mythology as well as a lengthy narrative, deep characters connection and unique gameplay mechanics. As an outcome, the abundance of material can be daunting for first timers and also hard for devoted fans to navigate thoroughly within high attention.  The existing resources like wiki and fan-made websites, although the information is valuable, may not satisfy user-interactive and boring experiences which is not fully engage users in the Final Fantasy series learning, exploring, discovering procedure.

In order to offer an interesting and immersive experience for newcomers and devoted fans, the final year project will be designing a website with Final Fantasy Series information and applying a gamification approach to the process of discovery about and exploring content related to Final Fantasy series. It will include the details of every game in Final Fantasy series accurately such as guide, characters, explanations of story-concept and more. Then, it is designing and implementing the development of gamification strategy that turns discovering and exploring content into a fun interactive experience on the website.

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